Chapter 63
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“I found a place for you to get some food and water,” Neba said to Adelynn without turning to address her as they made their way through the dark and dead forest.

Adelynn estimated that it would be a few more hours until day, and was thankful for the cooler temperatures.

“What kind of place?” Adelynn asked, uncertain if they were headed for another underground town, a body of water, or some sort of city.

“A building,” Neba responded and Adelynn struggled not to scowl.

Even though the Firewalker was in a better mood than ever now that Adelynn had new stones, she had grown even more cryptic than before. And Adelynn, though resigned to blindly following the Firewalker all the way to Enadell, didn’t appreciate the vague answers. She couldn’t help but thi...

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