Chapter 61
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Adelynn stared at the stone in her hand a moment longer before her brain fully registered the pain and she dropped it to the dirt of the forest floor.

“How…?” Adelynn tried to voice her amazement to Neba, but she couldn’t think past the impossibility of it all.

Neba gave a small shrug, but a smirk pulled at her cracked lips.

“I believe those are the correct stones.”

Adelynn nodded dumbly, then scooted off the dead tree she’d been sitting on so that she could crouch beside the rock where she’d dropped it. She prodded the stone with her fingertips, marveling at its heat.

“Where did you find it?” Adelynn finally managed.

“In a clearing near a dry creek.” The inflection in Neba’s voice seemed eerie to Ade...

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