Chapter 60
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There were no words. Nothing said between Adelynn and Neba as they made their way through the deadened forest, leaving Biansredge behind them.

Neba strode along, quiet and irate. Heat rolled off her body in thick waves. The heat from the Firewalker mingled with the warm air, making Adelynn cough every now and then.

Her body was warmer than it should be, a sheen of sweat gathered on her face. She knew she needed to rest. Her muscles were sore, her leg and arm bleeding where she’d been cut, and her mind was jumbled with terror. But Adelynn didn’t stop. She continued limping along behind the Firewalker, finding it hard to focus on her own injuries when the screams of the people of Biansredge were still echoing in her head.

The smoke had been too thick, but Adelynn was certain th...

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