Chapter 3
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There was a snapping sound and a rustling in the bushes. Then a silence that was too still.

Adelynn sighed, shifted her rucksack on her back, and turned around. The sun was just coming up, the sky breathing the first light of day.

“Come out, Ryl,” Adelynn said, her voice weary and dry. She took a swig from her waterskin.

There was no movement. No noise.

“I’m stopping for the day,” she said brusquely, and moved off the road into a nearby clearing.

She could hear the slight whisper of disturbed leaves once again. It was a sound that could have been mistaken for wind through the trees or a small animal flitting through the brush. But it had followed her the whole way from Mirham, which was too persistent for the wind or even a very hungry rodent...

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