Chapter 52
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Adelynn wasn’t sure how Neba knew where she was going. She hadn’t once seen the Firewalker consult a map. And they’d been traveling with little rest or time to scout the surrounding area for a few days. Adelynn was growing weary of it. Her mood had improved only slightly after the few hours of sleep Neba had allowed her.

“We need to travel quickly,” Neba insisted. “It is out of our way and will add a few extra weeks to our journey to Enadell.”

They hadn’t spoken of much. Adelynn had tried to pry more information from Neba about their destination - Neba’s birthplace - but to no avail. Neba would say no more about the place.

“I need to know if other Firewalkers live there,” Adelynn had insisted. “I can’t walk into a town of F...

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