Chapter 50
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“Adelynn!” Neba called out, hearing the girl’s voice but unsure if she was truly there or if the heat was making her imagine things. But all she heard in response were Listo’s screams.

The screams lasted for such a long time that, after a while, Neba started to wonder if they were echoing only in her own mind. But they faded eventually into small sobs, and then into nothing. All the while, the water in the vat has been dropping steadily in temperature, allowing Neba to regain her mind and her anger. She began kicking furiously at the side of the vat, frantic to escape it. Small tinges of pain radiated through her leg whenever her foot made contact with the metal.

Thud, thud, thud. She kept kicking, her strength coming back with each degree that the water cooled.


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