Chapter 1
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Adelynn woke up, like she did most mornings, with a pain in her hand. She massaged her right fingers with her left, trying to lessen the stubborn tightness of the skin. All the while, she kept her eyes closed against the afternoon sun that was filtering in through the window.

It had been a hot morning, evidenced by the sheets that had been kicked to the foot of the bed. Most mornings were hot in Mirham, the sea air doing little to temper the feverish sunlight. But this morning had been a particularly bad one. Giving up the hope of finding any relief for her hand, Adelynn moved one palm to her forehead to wipe away the veil of sweat that had accumulated. Her eyes were still closed as she held out the hope that she could return to sleep. If even for another hour more. But the heat only persisted. Sh...

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Table of Contents

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