Chapter 47
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Neba adjusted her hood, pulling it closer over her face as she peered up at the darkening sky. She guessed that she had a little under an hour until sundown. Plenty of time before she needed to meet Adelynn back at the inn. And just a few minutes until the trapping shop across the street would be closed up.

For the last couple hours, Neba had been waiting in an alley across from the shop, watching as a few men had come in and out. The store seemed small, nestled between a noisy pub and a busy butcher shop. But that was all that Neba could tell about it. The front windows had a few items on display - a crossbow, some bear traps, an assortment of hunting knives - all against black drapes that hid the interior of the store from view.

But the store hours had been posted on a small sign...

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