Chapter 46
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Emerging from the store, Adelynn was startled by the noise of the busy, crowded street. She’d forgotten where they were, her mind ringing with the name of the trapper that the woman in the soap store had given her.

“Listo Rohdam,” Adelynn turned the name over in her head, mumbling it to herself and standing idly in front of the soap store, watching the impossible crowd of people. Listo. Her mind wandered, skipping from one thought to the next.

An angry huff behind her made her jump. Turning, she saw Neba leaning against the wall of the store, watching Adelynn with narrowed eyes.

She was clearly angry and it took Adelynn a few moments to recall what had happened in the shop. The women’s gossip about Firewalkers. Neba’s anger at them. But Adelynn brushed it all asi...

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