Chapter 44
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Bellcourt, when Adelynn and Neba reached it in the late afternoon, was abuzz with people. Even the outskirts of the city were heavily populated, the roads dense with foot traffic - travelers, merchants, and residents alike.

Adelynn and Neba stuck to the trees as they followed the road, trying to make themselves invisible to the thickening crowds of people. But when the vegetation grew thinner and the road curved toward the heart of the thriving city, Adelynn stopped and spoke.

“You should stay here. I’ll go into the city, get supplies, and meet you here after sundown.”

Neba fixed Adelynn with a dark gaze and said nothing.

Tired of the brooding act, Adelynn turned to leave, but quickly stopped when she heard the Firewalker’s quiet steps following her.

“You can&r...

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