Chapter 42
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The Firewalker’s orange eyes widened in shock. Then a scream - a high, sickening scream - erupted from him as the stone sizzled, burning through his cloak, his clothing, his skin.

Adelynn felt the pain rolling off his body, encasing her in a blast of heat. Fire shot from his arms at no one in particular as he flailed, his mind trying to make sense of the excruciating torture he was experiencing.

The heat from the stone and the Firewalker penetrated the glove that Adelynn wore and her burnt skin seemed to tighten and threaten to blister in protest. But she held steady, not moving her hand from the man’s chest.

His screams grew in intensity and Adelynn’s mind raced, filling not with fear, but with guilt. They weren’t in the middle of a flare - just the tail-end of one....

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