Chapter 41
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Adelynn thought she saw Neba tense, but then realized her own muscles had contracted at this statement. She willed herself to stay calm. To relax. These Firewalkers weren’t looking for her. They couldn’t be. Only those who knew Myrna knew of Adelynn and her past. And if these men had known Myrna, Neba would have recognized them. No, they must be looking for someone else. Adelynn was in no danger here. She hoped.

“But what of these stones?” Lyulf asked when Neba said nothing, crouching once more to touch his fingertip to one of the rocks, but quickly withdrew his hand when the skin on it sizzled.

“They are merely a marker,” Neba answered in her dry, even voice. “An indication to myself of where I left the road.”

“They are...quite hot. And peculia...

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