Chapter 40
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Adelynn had never seen more than two Firewalkers together, aside from the four that had been kept in her parents’ basement. They struck an impressive image, walking calmly and confidently down the road. Their voices were low, their long cloaks made of the special cooling material wafting behind them.

They held their heads high. Proud. And when one of them turned his gaze slightly toward the trees, Adelynn saw the setting sun catch in his deep orange eyes.

She suppressed her nerves.

Behind her, Neba still kept a firm hold on Adelynn, as though she might run away, directly toward the danger. But Adelynn knew that wasn’t the reason Neba hadn’t moved since dragging her into the trees. It was because Neba, like Adelynn, was wary - perhaps even scared - of these Firewalkers.


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