Chapter 39
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Their journey to Bellcourt went smoothly, each night filled with traveling and each day with rest in the coolest spots they could find. The rhythm of their travel was punctuated by the occasional flare that drove Adelynn to a nearby inn and Neba in search of somewhere to hide.

They spoke little, only communicating when necessary, and Adelynn found herself alone with her thoughts. She thought that this silence would be welcome, having spent her years in Mirham in solitude. But instead, it held a quiet emptiness. A small form of sadness that she knew to be Ryl’s absence.

After a particularly long flare, she met up with Neba in the dead of night. Neba’s breathing was ragged and her pace sluggish as her body struggled to recover from the flare. Adelynn established a slow pace for them but Neba,...

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