Chapter 37
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Brelon’s screams filled the world, sharpening my vision and pulling me out of my heat daze. He was yelling, fire igniting around his hands and dancing along his torso. I could feel the fire licking at my robe, but I did not let up. I felt the stone sear through my skin, but I held it firmly in place. The screaming soon multiplied and I realized, after a few long moments, that I had joined in.

He fell back against the ground and I moved with him, never taking the stone from his heart.

It seemed to go on like that for an eternity, but it was probably only a minute. Maybe less. Soon Brelon’s skin began to wrinkle, then break apart in jagged pieces, curling up at the edges, revealing - what looked like - molten lava beneath.

His irises tur...

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