Chapter 25
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Adelynn closed the door behind her when she entered Ryl’s room.

“Hey,” he mumbled to her. “The new doctor just upped my dosage.”

“So you’re feeling pretty good then?” Adelynn asked, smiling a bit, but stopping when a pain in her chest reminded her that this was the last time she’d be talking to Ryl. Possibly for forever.

“Yeah, I’m feeling great,” Ryl said, his voice thickened a bit by sleepiness.

“Would you like me to finish the story?” Adelynn asked and Ryl nodded fervently.

She took a deep breath, picked up the thread of where they’d left off a few minutes ago, and began to speak.

I met Myrna and her son on a particularly warm summer’s night. A flare had just ended and I was se...

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