Chapter 131
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“Where will you go?” Neba scoffed.

Adelynn shrugged. “I’d try to find Myrna, I suppose. Try to kill her and repay my debt before going far away and hiding once more. This time forever.”

“Well, we have a similar goal. So there is no sense in splitting up.” Neba said simply.

Adelynn gave her a questioning look.

“When I last saw Myrna - before I came to see you as Mishal’s prisoner in Enadell - she told me to find you and bring you to her.”

“You know where Myrna is?” Adelynn’s words came out in a breathless rush.

“She said she’d be near the sea,” Neba said, gesturing out at waves. “She came out here to research a new theory of hers. She thinks she’s found another way that Firewalkers...

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