Chapter 127
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Pain. That was all Adelynn felt. Pain and heat. More heat than she had ever felt in her life. More heat than her mind could comprehend. It mingled with the pain that originated in her hand and ran through her arm and chest, in some ways lessening the agony and yet simultaneously enhancing it.

She heard herself screaming and made no effort to stop.

In front of her, she could see Mishal, his teeth still bared, but now his expression wasn’t one of anger. It was one of excruciating pain and fear.

With great effort, Mishal moved his hand to grasp Adelynn’s as though he meant to pull it away from his chest. But his scream intensified when he made contact with her. The heat there was too much for him.

She could see the cracks that ran along the skin of his face deepened and...

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