Chapter 126
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A snarl came from Mishal’s throat as he turned back to Adelynn. Without a word, he grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her behind him as he began to push Firewalkers aside. The guards moved along with them as Mishal made his way to where the guard stood, still screaming in pain.

Adelynn couldn’t see much aside from the guards and the blur of shouting Firewalkers. She tried to wrench her arm from Mishal’s grip, her skin protesting as heat emanated from his fingers and seared her bicep, but his hand wouldn’t budge. It was all she could do to maintain her footing as Mishal continued to half-pull, half-drag her across the hall.

She turned her head, frantically trying to find Ryl in the crowd.


She could hear him calling her. He sounded as though he wer...

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