Chapter 124
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This time, the guards parted, revealing Ryl and Sirene standing there, looking disheveled and worn.

Adelynn stared at them for a moment while the Firewalkers in the crowd continued shouting over one another. Sirene stood tall and proud as ever, but her hair was disheveled and her nostrils flared with anger.

Then Adleynn locked eyes with Ryl. He stood with his shoulders slumped forward, swaying slightly on the spot, and there were dark circles under his eyes. Adelynn felt her throat tightening as guilt washed over her.

Ryl was here because of her. She had told him to stay in Mirham, and she’d tried to leave him behind when he had been in the hospital, but he’d been stubborn. She knew she had tried to shake him, but a part of her had wanted him to come with her. To be the on...

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