Chapter 123
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The crowd screamed louder than ever.

“So, Adelynn Wardrop,” Mishal said, his voice low as he turned back to Adelynn, the crowd of Firewalkers around them still shouting their support for Mishal. Their hatred for Adelynn. “Will you do me the honor of trying to kill me?”

Hisses and shouts sounded at his words. Adelynn could feel the eyes of hundreds of furious Firewalkers on her. And she could feel the heat rising, the hall growing warmer.

Adelynn said nothing, and when the crowd quieted again, she stared at Mishal. His bloodshot eyes bored back into hers, signifying that now she was permitted to speak. To answer his question.

But instead of giving an answer, she looked fixed him with an even more determined stare.

“Thank you for your graciousness in comply...

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