Chapter 122
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“Silence!” The voice echoed through the now silent room.

Adelynn and the guards walked the last few paces to stand beneath the glittering flower. Quickly, and in unison, the guards parted and Adelynn found herself face to face with Mishal.

A long moment stretched between the two of them as the silence grew deeper. Mishal fixed Adelynn with a measuring stare. His molten eyes narrowed and his cracked lips drew back into a tight sneer, exposing his charred teeth.

Adelynn tried to arrange her expression into one of calm indifference. But she was fairly certain she looked more terrified than anything else.

“Adelynn Wardrop,” Mishal said, his voice loud enough to carry through the hall so that the sea of Firewalkers could hear. “I have done you the gracious favor of complyi...

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