Chapter 119
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Adelynn scowled, but she knew that the Firewalker was right. She had guessed that Mishal wouldn’t actually show up himself, but she’d wished he had. She didn’t like sending messages through a chain of Firewalkers. But if this was the best shot she had at making her demands, she’d have to take it.

“Tell Mishal that I want the execution to take place in the hall you led me through when I went to go see Ryl - the one with the diamonds on the ceiling. And I want it to be a public event. I want all citizens of Enadell to be able to come watch if they want to. And as requested before, Ryl and the Firewalkers that were captured with me must be present as well. And I’ll need a glove - one made of the thickest material possible.”

The Firewalker scoffed. “You...

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