Chapter 117
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“I won’t sabotage your foolish plan,” Neba hissed. “I’ll do it. Is that all?”

“No,” Adelynn said, speaking quickly now. She thought she could hear footsteps coming from behind the closed door. “On the day I kill Mishal - the peak day of the coming flare - I need you to come watch.”

Neba snarled. No doubt she loathed the idea of Adelynn kill yet another Firewalker instead of her.

“I need you to come watch, but be in disguise. Wear your cloak hood or something. Don’t be seen. Ryl, and Sirene and other Firewalkers that helped me - friends of Myrna - they should all be there. As soon as I kill Mishal, there will probably be a huge commotion. Everyone will be distracted. That’s when I need you to get them out.”


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