Chapter 114
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In the hallway, Adelynn listened to her guide’s footsteps. They echoed in the quiet hall, overlapping with the sound of Adelynn’s own feet.

She felt the smooth stone in her pocket as she listened, trying to pin down the rhythm of the Firewalker’s stride.

The stone was cold - not at all hot enough to kill Mishal. She needed to find somewhere to heat it. Somewhere safe and hot.

After a few more seconds of listening, she had pinned down the Firewalker’s gait. She could anticipate when each foot would hit the floor and would know if he hesitated at all or changed pace.

Patiently, she followed the Firewalker back through the large room with the dazzling diamond flower overhead.

As she entered the room, she took careful note of the air on her skin. A few feet i...

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