Chapter 111
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“Ryl!” Adelynn gasped when she walked through the door.

The room was made from the same white stone as the rest of the building, but there were no windows in this room. No glittering diamonds in the ceiling. Just a plain, white room, with only a single chair in the far corner. And in the chair was Ryl.

He was sitting, slumped to the side, his eyes closed and his mouth open. And from where Adelynn stood, she couldn’t be certain that he was breathing.

“Ryl!” Adelynn said again, this time shouting as she urged her stiff legs to move faster - to cross the room and get to him.

At her shout, Ryl woke with a start. His eyes sprung open and his body tensed, his fists clenching. He had pushed himself halfway out of his seat, but when he saw it was Adelynn...

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