Chapter 24
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Out in the hallway, Adelynn moved far enough from the door that she was out of sight of Ryl and the doctor, but close enough to hear most of the exchange. It was pleasant and typical. Dr. Monvere asked Ryl about his health history and Ryl made a joke or two. Adelynn sighed her relief when the time came that Dr. Monvere excused himself. There had been no mention of Firewalkers or unusual burns while he had been in Ryl’s room. Perhaps, she hoped, Dr. Monvere thinks the other doctor was crazy for suggesting such a thing.

Dr. Monvere left Ryl’s room and drew level with Adelynn in the hallway. She gave him a quick glance, and moved to pass him, but he spoke, making her stop and turn to face him.

“So, the stories are true then. Adelynn Wardrop isn’t just a made-up story.&r...

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