Chapter 23
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It was an accident, really, the way it all happened. I won’t say that I never intended to kill him, but that’s not how it started out. And I didn’t entirely want it to end that way, either.

As I told you, my parents were known for their “studies” on Firewalkers. To the world, they were one of the only hopes that existed for humans to find a way to defend themselves against Firewalkers. Not that there were many around anymore - the Firewalkers went into seclusion a long while ago, building their city of Enadell in the far north. But there were a handful of Firewalkers that were more nomadic than others. From what I know of the Firewalkers, all of them want to die, but some want it more so than others. But these Firewalkers were often mad, driven insane by their et...

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