Chapter 110
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Time moved strangely in Adelynn’s dehydrated mind. It was hours - or perhaps only minutes - before a Firewalker came to release Adelynn from her restraints and give her water.

When she was done drinking, the Firewalker spoke in an irate voice.

“I am to take you to...the other human,” he said, pausing before mentioning Ryl as though he were a rodent. “Follow me and do not try to escape. You will not get far.”

Adelynn nodded her understanding. She had no intention of escaping. Not in a building that was undoubtedly full of Firewalkers. And not while Ryl was their prisoner.

She followed the Firewalker down a long hallway, moving past many closed doors. She tried to pay close attention to the turns they took, in case she should need to find Ryl again - in ca...

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