Chapter 109
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Mishal let out a barking laugh that ricocheted around the room.

“Let you prove that you can kill a Firewalker?” Disbelief colored his words. “How do you propose to do that?”

“Just like the journal says. Let me speak with Ryl - the human I was with when you found me - he has something I need. Then find a Firewalker who wants to die. Sirene, the Firewalker who was hiding me, she wants to die. I can demonstrate on her. Let me heal and speak with Ryl. By the next flare, I will be ready to kill a Firewalker.”

Mishal’s eyes narrowed as he considered Adelynn’s offer.

“I am not like my parents,” Adelynn said, though her words were becoming more fractured with thirst. “I do not torture Firewalkers. I do not capture them.”


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