Chapter 106
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She looked wildly around and then took off running to the right, dragging a shocked Ryl behind her.

“Adelynn!” Ryl said, trying to get her attention. “Stop!”

Adelynn ignored him, still running as fast as she could. She felt Ryl start to slow, then his hand slid from her grasp.

“We have to go! “ She felt her lungs burn as she said this and turned to grab Ryl’s hand again.

Then she stopped. Behind Ryl, flames engulfed the house. Myrna’s house.

“My bag…” The words were a murmur. She thought of her map of Enadell. And her father’s notebook.

She took a hesitant step back towards the house, as though she meant to go back and retrieve whatever might be left of her belongings. But even as she did, the roof gave a m...

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