Chapter 105
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Adelynn felt a sudden, piercing pain in her shoulder. It burned with the heat of the Firewalker’s hand and the strength of his grasp.

“Let me go!” she shouted as he pulled her from beneath the bed. She kicked, trying to hook her foot around one of the bed legs, but the Firewalker pulled too swiftly.

She saw Ryl scramble out from beneath the bed and lunge for her foot, trying to grab hold of her ankle. But another Firewalker was on him in a moment, pushing him out of reach from Adelynn and against the wall.

“Stop!” Adelynn shouted, kicking wildly, but the Firewalker held her steadily off the ground, his grasp undisturbed by her flailing.

She felt a surge of heat as a blast of fire flashed before her face and the Firewalker holding her gave a shout.


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