Chapter 103
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“Myrna did not stay idle when rumours about her husband began making their way through Enadell. She believed, as you know, that he had found a way to kill himself. And she believed that death was a possibility for all Firewalkers.” Sirene paused for a moment. “She still believes that.”

“And you believe that, too?” Adelynn asked, seeing no other reason Sirene - or any Firewalker  - would help Myrna to keep Adelynn safe.

Sirene made a small, non-committal movement with her head. “I think there is a...possibility...that you can do what she claims you can do.”

“I can do it,” Adelynn said, her voice small. The other two Firewalkers grew still, listening intently. “I can kill Firewalkers.”

Sirene nodded, but looked unconvinced....

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