Chapter 102
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Adelynn looked around, willing her eyes to focus despite the dim light of the lamp. She took in the dismal, tiny room. The chairs and bed that seemed to exist only for show. The dust on the shuttered windows.

“Myrna’s home?” She whispered the words softly.

Trying to picture Myrna here, in this sad, abandoned place, made her throat feel tight. And, even more painful, was trying to imagine Brelon living here. Mother and son in this dingy place.

“Yes,” Sirene said, lightly pressing her palm to Adelynn’s shoulder. Adelynn let herself be steered to one of the chairs. She sat down, feeling as though the fatigue of weeks spent running through the streets of Enadell had finally caught up with her.

Sirene sat in the other vacant chair and gave Adelynn an appraising...

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