Chapter 21
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The flare was coming to an end, but Ryl hadn’t woken from his sleep for more than a few moments since Adelynn had recounted her past.

The doctor reported to her that Ryl was stable and would make a complete recovery, save for the scarring, but would need a month or two of bed rest and observation before they could release him.

Adelynn nodded, thanked the doctor with a handful of coins, and promised she’d be back the next day. Outside the hospital, Adelynn found the small ledge she’d left her stones on. As she’d guessed, they were all still there. She withdrew a glove from her pack and flipped each of the stones over, their heat penetrating the glove and making her sweat.

As Adelynn set out, night descended, and brought with it a bearable 101 degree temperature. She ma...

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