Chapter 100
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Over the next two days, Sirene did not leave Adelynn’s room. Needless to say, Adelynn wasn’t allowed outside the room either. The other two Firewalkers continued to pay quick, hurried visits to the room. They’d come in, quickly whisper with Sirene in the corner, and then rush back out once more.

During one of those secretive conversations, Adelynn was able to make out the male Firewalker say “it’s getting worse”, but the rest was lost in whisper.

All of the Firewalkers began to look more and more concerned. Even Sirene worse a mask of worry. But when Adelynn asked questions, Sirene told only gave her more drugged water.

On the third day after her glimpse of Enadell, Sirene woke Adelynn from a deep sleep. Ryl stood by the bed, uncharacteristically quiet. He looked just as c...

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