Chapter 99
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They stood, wordless and somber, on the balcony. The sun beat down and Adelyn shifted, now feeling woozy with the heat, as she gazed at Sirene.

The Firewalker returned her stare and then gave a small shake of her head.

“One more minute, Adelynn Wardrop, before we go back inside. I suggest you take in the city while you can.”

Ryl nodded fervently and tugged at Adelynn’s sleeve.

“Look at this,” he said, excitement rushing his words. “Do you see that building over there? Apparently, it’s a giant library. What kind of books do you think they keep in there? The same as any other library? Or special Firewalker texts? Oh! And that building - see that one?”

Adelynn looked at Sirene for a moment longer, and was surprised to see raw, helpless sorrow i...

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