Chapter 97
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With each step, Adelynn wobbled on uncertain feet, her body seeming to waver with even the slightest movement.

“Nearly there,” Ryl said, holding her arm to guide her down the dim hallway.

It had been almost three weeks since Adelynn had woken up in the Firewalker city. In that time, she had only seen the same four walls of the room in which she had been recovering. She had pleaded with Sirene to let her go out - just for a few minutes - and see the city. But for weeks, the stern Firewalker had shook her head and handed Adelynn more drugged water.

Adelynn had begun to feel as though she were back at her parents home - not quite a prisoner, but most definitely not free. And the view from the window in the room hadn’t done much to sate Adelynn’s curiosity, being no more...

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