Chapter 96
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The next few days passed quickly. It amazed Adelynn how much sleep her injured body needed and how quickly she tired, even just talking with Ryl.

He stopped by to see her around the same time every day. While the flare passed outside - the air molten with heat - Adelynn and Ryl talked about their travels. Adelynn told him about Neba, Lyulf, and Eshne. About her close brush with the bounty hunters. About the meeting of Firewalkers she’d infiltrated in the settlement.

The only time she saw Ryl grow truly upset when when she told him about how Neba had left her in the forest, wounded from her fight with Eshne. And how Neba had taken her stones.

Ryl swore and called Neba some names that, should the Firewalker have been in the room, Adelynn was certain he wouldn’t have spoken.


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