Chapter 95
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He began to produce different items, setting them at the foot of the bed one at a time. A few items of clothing. The weathered map that Adelynn had carried with her - now creased in odd places from having been hurriedly folded. The jar of salve she’d clumsily mixed up in the forest.

“You know, I can make some better salve than this for you.”

Adelynn gave him a wry grin, still trying to ignore the guilt she felt whenever the matter of salve or the apothecary items she stole from him came up. “Would my doctors allow that?”

The two Firewalkers in the corner didn’t seem to be listening.

“I don’t think they’d care all that much,” Ryl grinned back.

“There’s a couple more in here,” he muttered, rummaging around throug...

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