Chapter 18
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“You don’t look like you got much sleep,” Ryl commented as they made their way through the streets to the northern exit of Fardrift.

Adelynn said nothing, having used up her words arguing Ryl into leaving the inn. He had insisted they get to Enadell their own way. That they didn’t travel with Neba. But Adelynn had reminded him of what Neba had done to Delgren - and what she’d likely do to the town of Fardrift if they didn’t meet with her again.

“I slept well,” Ryl continued on. Adelynn could hear the desperation in his tone. The strain that was, underneath it all, begging her not to go with the Firewalker. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay here another day? Get some better rest?”

“I’m fine,” Adelynn finally conceded. &ldquo...

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