Chapter 93
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Adelynn blinked.

Memories from the night in the forest flashed briefly through her mind.

The Biansredge scout. Her dizzying exhaustion. Her burns from her fight with Eshne. Her anger at Neba’s betrayal. The helplessness at being tied to the tree. The wish to die.

“I was screaming?” she asked, her voice going hoarse.

Ryl nodded.

She thought that she hadn’t had enough strength to scream. That she’d been too weak.

“You were screaming when I found you,” Ryl confirmed, now looking up at the ceiling again, as though it were painful to meet Adelynn’s eyes now. “And there was a man. He was…”

Ryl clenched his fists and exhaled sharply.

“He was cutting at you with a knife,” Ryl said finally, the words choked by...

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