Chapter 91
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Adelynn was groggy when she woke. But this time her eyes did not protest to opening and her body did not ache as much as it had the day before.

She’d been dreaming, but the dream seemed far away from her. She’d been chasing Myrna through a wooded area, always catching glances of the Firewalker’s robe or her foot, but never able to quite keep up with her. The rest of the details were fuzzy and slipping away from her quickly as she became more lucid.

There was noise - people moving around nearby, quiet voices overlapping one another. And light. Adelynn’s vision focused and she could see that the curtain that hung over the window had been pushed aside, allowing sunlight to flood the room.

Adelynn groaned as she tried to prop herself up. At the noise, the two Firewalkers...

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