Chapter 89
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“Myrna!” Adelynn choked on the syllables as they left her throat. She tried to get up from the bed but was met with pain in her abdomen, back, and legs.

“Don’t move,” Myrna said, coming closer to the side of Adelynn’s bed. “You need to heal.”

“Myrna, I tried to find you. After my parents...after Brelon...” The words came out in a jumble. She was finding it hard to concentrate as she grew drowsy.

Myrna gave a single nod. “And so did I. It seemed our paths kept crossing at different times. But here we are at last. Welcome to Enadell.”

Adelynn blinked. So it was true. She was in the Firewalker city.

“I trust my friends are treating you well?” Myrna asked, then turned her attention to the Firewalker woman who had giv...

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