Chapter 17
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“You go ahead,” Neba said, hanging back when they came to the end of the farmland that neighbored the edge of Fardrift. They had arrived just as the sun came up and the town was cast in a golden glow.

“She isn’t coming with us?” Ryl asked Adelynn.

“Why don’t you address me directly?” Neba demanded, taking two long steps to draw even with Ryl. She was his same height, her orange eyes drilling into the blue of his as though trying to break them into pieces.

Ryl held her stare for a moment, but quickly dropped it to the ground and didn’t answer. His face had gone pale and he leaned back, trying to move as far from the Firewalker in front of him without actually taking a step.

Neba stared at him a little while longer then, shook her head.<...

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