Chapter 83
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Mixing the new batch of salve was slow going. Adelynn worked with her left hand, clumsily measuring out ingredients and haphazardly stirring things together, all the while clutching her burnt right hand to her chest. She had to stop every few moments and steel herself against the pain that throbbed through her entire body, but she continued on, muttering curses about Neba as she worked.

“Stole my salve and my stones,” she hissed under her breath as she mashed a dried, bristly herb into a fine powder. “Threatened me. Took me to the middle of nowhere. Left me to die.”

Though the sun had set by now, she worked in the light of the pale moon, her mind focused on finding some sort of relief from the pain she was in.

Sweat collected in the creases of her elbows and kn...

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