Chapter 81
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Adelynn rolled off the Firewalker, onto the burnt ground, her whole body feeling as though it were going to fall to pieces, her hand in agony.

She felt Neba pull her away from the Firewalker’s lifeless, blackened body. The pain was immense.

With a swift movement, Neba hoisted Adelynn up and over her shoulder.

The world flipped upside-down and Adelynn lost consciousness.


Adelynn’s vision was watery and her skin felt taught on her bones. She glanced around and saw Neba standing a few yards away, her back to Adelynn. Looking around, it became clear to Adelynn that she was laying on her back on a patch of dry grass.

Adelynn closed her eyes and tried to raise her hands to her face. She stopped immediately, her right hand in more pain than ever before.


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