Chapter 80
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“I knew you couldn’t have gone far,” the Firewalker woman said, her eyes molten yellow and her smile more of a threat than a greeting.

Adelynn’s heart thudded hard against her ribcage. The heat from the woman’s fingers seared into the flesh of Adelynn’s wrist.

“I saw you two leaving when that commotion broke out,” the Firewalker said, gesturing in the direction of the settlement and the building full of Firewalkers that Adelynn and Neba had fled from. “Two supposed Firewalkers running away from the most interesting news we’ve heard in centuries...I figured it must be for a fascinating reason. And I was right - it looks like I’ve found the suddenly famous Adelynn Wardrop.”

The woman grinned down at Adelynn, but her smile was cold. Hungry. Adely...

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