Chapter 16
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They walked for a long time in the dark of the forest. Even with the aid of some thistlespark and the glow of flame that the Firewalker lit, no moon or starlight found its way through to them in the thickest part of the forest. It was the coldest Adelynn recalled being in a long time. Goosebumps scattered across her arms and neck, and she reveled in not feeling warm. Ryl felt the same.

“Can you believe how cool it is here?” he asked her. He was still trailing after Adelynn, who was following the Firewalker. But Adelynn suspected it wasn’t because he couldn’t keep up, but more so because his fear of the Firewalker was nearly paralyzing. She’d noted his shift in personality - his now quiet nature and inability to stop staring at the Firewalker.

Adelynn gave him a curt nod an...

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