Chapter 15
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“A Firewalker wants you to kill her?” Ryl’s disbelief was wasted on both Adelynn and the Firewalker.

“Yes,” Adelynn said, still locking eyes with the Firewalker who was staring back at her. “But I won’t. Not now.”

The Firewalker’s fists clenched, fire igniting out of nowhere and burning up the air around the woman’s arms.

“I came to kill Myrna,” Adelynn told the Firewalker. “I promised her death. Only her. I will not kill you until I’ve killed Myrna.”

“What if I just destroy you now?” the Firewalker growled, flames jumping about her.

“Destroy the only person who knows how to kill you?” Adelynn shook her head. “You want to die too badly. You won’t do it.”


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